200 Hours and 2 Days

Who knew we could be so strong– physically and mentally? Who knew that we could complete what we started despite the many obstacles placed in our way? Who knew that the quest for the self and the super self, the God within and without, could be so heady and true that beautiful souls would journey from all over the world to experience it.

Lacrimosa and the Butterflies

Dear Friends, Sun-glazed days are filled with the weight of time in Jamaica. Shortly after arriving from Brazil, a close friend’s father — Uncle Clyde — died. Thus, those who knew and loved him gathered almost nightly, to reminisce, commemorate, break bread  and chat. His house, where I have lived at different times in my life, like a […]

Open Your Hands and Look

Do you see what I see: white fluff floating off trees like light snow; an army of ants finding their way; blue-green aquamarine ocean approaching and retreating; a toddler losing himself in an ice-cream cone; bronzed tingling flesh stretching and reclining; teenagers strutting and crowing in their glory; men throwing a Frisbee; pigeons circling and […]

Movements of Silence

In front of Pastelaria Pau de Canela, a boy, in a tie-dye shirt, runs past the pigeons causing them to flutter, surge and fall. They move as one. The boy’s not running to anything or from anything; he’s not racing anyone; he’s not exercising. He’s not fleeing his shadow. He’s running, because he’s healthy, joyous, […]