108 Steps to Home

As we travel on, we are constantly destroying and rebuilding ourselves and who we are.- Paulo Coellho Dear Friends, 1) Yesterday evening, my friend H and I went to Bar Luna on Main Street for an evening of play readings by Australian playwrights. Four plays were read, but the one that really stood out to […]

Tokyo: It’s Pink Now.

Dear Friends, The sunlight is pink now. It’s 5:23pm and as the sun sets on the brick building across the street, the world glows petal-pink through the still, sheer white curtains. No wind stirs, but the temperature has dropped many degrees since last week and it’s cool inside. Tokyo’s perfect today, even in the swirl […]

There Are More Seas

Living in a foreign country can enable one, if they’re not careful, to become very solitary. It’s easy to withdraw into oneself when the primary language spoken is not one’s own, is incomprehensible, and sounds like nothing more than Charlie Brown’s teacher– “Wah wah wah wah wah.” Dear Friend and Friend and Friend and…, Living in a foreign country has […]

We Know What We’re Waiting For

In this place, boys are waiting, girls are waiting, birds are waiting. It’s coming, and we’re all waiting. Some of us not too patiently, but I’ve been patient. The unraveling of these years, the tapestry of life, has taught me not to fight what cannot be controlled. I’m smiling, while waiting, because it’s almost here. […]

Re: Visiting and Returning to Shimoda

(March 20th) Dear Friends, When I leave Tokyo, barring any unforeseen circumstances, it will be spring. The streets will be lined, as they are today, with cherry blossoms. Trees blooming and blowing pink and white. It will be the frailty of the buds floating, then crushed on concrete, and the balmy air mixed with smoke that […]

Foreseeable Disasters

Dear Friends, A few days ago, there were prolonged tremors. Usually, the tremors last a few seconds or at most a minute, but the other morning, they seemed to go on and on. The shaking didn’t faze me at all, and in my half-sleep I thought, “Wow, I’m used to earthquakes now.” It’s amazing the […]