An Incredible Wanderlust

I recently had a chat with two incredible artists and nomads, Tony and Chris, that touched on the subjects of being infected by the travel bug, living as an expat, ex-loves, Brooklyn (past and present), Berlin (past and present), possible future, illegitimate children, and the creative and spiritual energy of Bali. Tony speaks in stories, with the accompanying accents and […]

There Are More Seas

Living in a foreign country can enable one, if they’re not careful, to become very solitary. It’s easy to withdraw into oneself when the primary language spoken is not one’s own, is incomprehensible, and sounds like nothing more than Charlie Brown’s teacher– “Wah wah wah wah wah.” Dear Friend and Friend and Friend and…, Living in a foreign country has […]

“Friendship is Earned”

Dear Friends, On Monday, I missed the biggest event of 2012, my best friend’s wedding. Scrolling through the past months of this blog, it’s obvious to see why I was unable to make it: a monumental move that sucked me dry, traveling in Europe, and an overall inability to save; however, it wasn’t easy looking […]