The Glad List- #3

Hi All, 1) In the basement of Coredo Nihonbashi, there’s a bakery named Maison Kayser that sells the softest baguettes, the cheesiest cheese-filled bread, the chocolatiest tarts, the most lemony citron tarts, and a large array of every kind of bread you can imagine. On Thursday evenings, I teach my private group of three in Kanda. Well, the […]

Letter from Tokyo: “Forget About the Worries On Your Mind, You Can Leave Them All Behind”

Dear Friends, The last few days have been filled with the essentials: good food, better company and fun. Let’s take a look at the days in review: Thursday: It started as a quiet day with me sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Then it hit me, “I have the house to myself!” I took advantage of my solitude and started youtubing like […]

A Letter to Carolyn M. Rodgers

A few years ago in the “winter of my discontent,” my friend Darius sent my soul sustenance with an email simply titled “Hey.” In Darius’s message, he included Carolyn M. Rodgers’s poem “In the Shadow of Turning: Throwing Salt.” Since then, the poem has been a go-to poem for me… friends, there are answers there; […]