Hope, an Energy Food

There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. – Wayne Dyer Dear Friends, 1) My friend and former housemate, Yi, from Borderless House, is moving to Africa in four days. In the past few months, there have been quite a few exits, but her imminent departure palpably reduces the energy in Tokyo. Yi‘s that friend who’s spontaneous and […]

5 for ’12

Dear Friends, Just one more day to a fabulous new year. (Can you believe it?). The other day I taught my holy hotness of a student, S, and our topic was “Setting Resolutions.”  He told me that he didn’t see the point in resolutions; “Why don’t we just do the things we should?” “Why do […]

“Yes mi fren,” an “All in one” Christmas

Dear Friends, There isn’t  a medley created that could better encapsulate/capture/comprehend every mood/aspect/facet of my December like Bob Marley’s “All in One.” The All in One medley includes: Bend Down Low, Nice Time, One Love, Simmer Down, It Hurts to be Alone, Lonesome Feeling, Love and Affection, Put It On, and  Duppy Conqueror. Bend Down Low– Bend down low, […]

A Post Mojito

Nothing lasts forever not even cold November rain. — Guns N’ Roses (November Rain) Dear Friends, Here’s an 11/11/11 cocktail: The Mint: My friend A‘s birthday was on Sunday, and as mine was on Wednesday, we decided to have a joint celebratory lunch today at It’s Vegetable. I’ve mentioned It’s Vegetable before (https://lettersfromval.com/2011/10/28/letter-from-tokyo-just-got-paid-its-friday-night/), and I stand behind […]