200 Hours and 2 Days

Who knew we could be so strong– physically and mentally? Who knew that we could complete what we started despite the many obstacles placed in our way? Who knew that the quest for the self and the super self, the God within and without, could be so heady and true that beautiful souls would journey from all over the world to experience it.

Lacrimosa and the Butterflies

Dear Friends, Sun-glazed days are filled with the weight of time in Jamaica. Shortly after arriving from Brazil, a close friend’s father — Uncle Clyde — died. Thus, those who knew and loved him gathered almost nightly, to reminisce, commemorate, break bread  and chat. His house, where I have lived at different times in my life, like a […]

Brazil: “Try Something Different”

In the heart of Brazil’s interior, sits a state filled with waterfalls, wild flowers, winding trails, and layers of silence. Minas Gerais, known equally for its food as for its beauty, is not only a nature-lover’s dream, but a place where simple truths descend like autumn leaves. Brazil’s wealth is in its landscape and its […]

Back in Brazil

(previously published on The Wayward Path, http://www.thewaywardpath.com) The windows are open and the sounds of the evangelical church down the road come flooding through: raucous singing, tambourines, a preacher on a microphone, rapturous fits. Last night, it was the club nearby that disturbed the peace– bass, bass, bass. That’s how it is around here, church and club battling […]

Freedom to Choose: The Last Bite of Cake

In Jamaican households, on the island and overseas, Christmas cake starts making appearances in cupboards and on dinner tables in the early days of December. People will tell you how many they’ve baked, or how many their mothers have baked. If they haven’t had a chance to soak fruits in brandy or wine, people will recount how […]

Accept What Is

Dear Friends, It’s Saturday afternoon, which means that it’s a flea market day, a beach day, and the day for grilled octopus at the restaurant beside the gas station. In this corner of the world, where the sun washes up in waves on the asphalt, the jacaranda trees have shed their last blossoms, and the dogs […]