Getting Happy: Staycationing and Appreciating

Get happy, in any way you can. If you have to run away from home, do it. If you have to go to the beach everyday, do it. – Abraham Hicks

Dear Friends,

1) It’s incredible how memories wash over us like waves. Vibrational waves. You can feel them, and often they physically move you.

2) Earlier this morning, I was chatting with Y, my student at HP, when a memory swept me. My Aunt Pam came to mind as vivid as ever: glowing and deep chocolate and smiling with a gap between her front teeth and her hair cropped close to her head and her face dotted with salt water and her open hands supporting my thin five-year-old back in the warm sea at License Beach. When Aunt Pam lived near the sea, she, my cousins and I lived at the sea.

3)  You’re not deliberate about feeling good, because you don’t understand the power of feeling good. – Abraham Hicks

My student Y is fast becoming one of my favorites, in a pool of “favorites.” He told me that he took his family to Tokyo Disneyland over the weekend. He related that they went on rides, ate sticky amusement park treats, and got splashed with water. He, then, gifted me with a Minnie Mouse pen that his six-year-old son chose. His thoughtfulness and deliberate kindness touched me. Of course, the expression of the day was “You made my day!”

4) If people say, ‘How are you?’ Say, ‘Irrelevant.’ How I are and have been is irrelevant. It’s where I’m going that I want to talk about.-Abraham Hicks

You all know what I love: the sea, getting away, seafood, clear skies, cycling, regular silences, a new book, and frozen drinks. I mention a few of my loves, because on Thursday, I’ll be going to Shimoda, in the Izu Peninsula, for three days. Almost three and a half hours from Tokyo, Lonely Planet states that “its beaches are among the best in Japan.” Four days ago, while sweltering under Tokyo’s unrelenting sun and insane humidity, the thought came,”I need the sea.” Immediately, I googled Izu accommodations, found a cute bed and breakfast, and emailed the owners (because their website stated “no single travelers in the busy season”). Mr. Yamomoto responded to me that there was a room available and that I was welcome. (I knew there would be room at the inn; the universe always answers favorably.)

Friends, I’m not just “getting happy;” I’m living deliberately in a state of happiness.

*Courtesy of Sakuraya



12 thoughts on “Getting Happy: Staycationing and Appreciating

  1. That is wonderful. Can’t wait to hear what wonderful experiences you have at this new destination.

  2. Kudos to you. It’s super important to live deliberately, find what makes you happy and hold on to it because life really does depend on it. Good for you Lady!

  3. As usual Va!, you make me more conscious of taking responsibility for my own happiness. Krys’ response also rang true. Right now, I’m going to plan a solo trip “ala Va!” and try to write. You are my inspiration!

  4. Yay Miss V! Let me know how your trip goes. Hopefully, you’ll share the writing that comes out of your break.

    It takes time to learn that we, alone, are responsible for our happiness, and only OUR happiness, doesn’t it?

  5. Va! I just booked my trip to Puerto Rico…Solo! Not bringing any drama or people. I’m bringing my laptop (maybe), my Kindle (definitely), 2 bathing suits, my phone and money/cards. I plan to pack very light and spend days running, on the beach, and writing. Your post on the pension trip cemented it for me. I hesitated but decided that it was best for me to do this and that you’d want me to go. (LOL)
    Thanks for always making me look for possibilities. You’re my shero!!!

  6. Whoa….ya’ll need a theme song! This sounds so cool I’m almost jealous (almost), hope it’s entirely satisfying. Good for you!!

  7. Woohoo Vanessa! What a great message to wake up to. Your plans sound perfect, and I’m glad that you’re taking the time to go on this trip with yourself. I already know it’s gonna be incredible and productive in more ways than one– the great thing is that you don’t have to “do” anything, just be in a peaceful place. (Happy the post could be of help :)).

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