Jambalaya, Jumbleaya Week… (Whatever)

My defenses become fences; Now, I’m stumbling, I change my faces, and if you think I’m fake-up, wait around ’til I take off my make-up. – Tricky (Christiansands) A few minutes ago, a prodigal son sent me this message, “Hey V, what’re you up to this evening?”  My mind ran through a multitude of responses. Now that I’ve finished week two […]

I Want to Say “Ooh I Knew You Were The One”

Dear Friends, I must tell you what’s been going on in Suitengumae (my ‘hood); I’ve been listening to Dolly Parton, Chicago and Prince on heavy rotation, because my mind’s wavering between wanting an exclusive love or having sex without emotions behind it. I’m tired of waiting for that elusive one, so why not settle for the other? Don’t judge, the days are long, but my […]

“It’s Been Such a Long Time”

Tell me how long has it been?–  New Birth (It’s Been Such a Long Time) Dear Friends, It’s 1:30 am; it’s been too long… so, let’s have small (internet) talk. I’d like for us to be really in touch, so I’ve deactivated my Facebook account (temporarily), hopefully it takes this time (the fourth time’s the charm). It’s […]