Letter from Tokyo: No Borders

Hi Friends,

Tonight, I went to my former home Borderless House, where I haven’t been in three weeks (too long). I’ve truly missed Borderless, especially since in my new house (Sakura House-Hakozakicho) I’ve only met two people (two boring people), and it’s deathly quiet. I know I wanted my privacy, craved it even, and I appreciate it after all the sniffling I endured from my BH roommate, but it’s just not the same to be in constant silence. I’m not complaining about not meeting my new housemates, since I’ve never once had to wait for anything– the shower, the bathroom, anything– but it’d be nice to know who shares the house with me.

My Borderless friends had the great idea to have a dinner party in Oshiage, so I biked over, on my beloved Lucy, to join them for some food, laughs and good times. Turns out, by the time I got there (an hour later from Suitengumae), R, RT, T, and Y had already gone to an izakaya to eat dinner. No worries they came back soon enough,  and Yi whipped up some ridiculously delicious egg burritos and we got down with those. Surprisingly, they still had a bit of an appetite after already eating (ok, that’s not surprising at all, is it?). * Yi made her egg burritos with care, taking the time to draw smiley faces on them, writing “Love,” and giving “just a touch of love a little bit.”

Do you see T in the button down shirt stirring the bowl? Yes. Well, at 10:40pm, he went to sleep, which we thought was completely outrageous. So, R, woke him up, got him out of bed and forced him to re-join us. T woke up in  quite an amiable mood, and he and Y made some pancakes that were a bit undercooked; but who cares, when they’re in the shape of hearts? * This is the problem with pancakes, and why I’ve told you a million times that I don’t make them, they’re always a bit burnt on the outside and undercooked in the middle…. yet, they’re always delicious.  *Please note: Pancakes with chopsticks Sadly, at midnight it was time to hop on Lucy and head on home, ’cause I just knew in my hearts of my hearts I’d get lost. Before I did, my beloved Yi took the shirt off her back and gave it to me, because I screamed over it. Sadly I have no photo of the tee-shirt, but it’s sequined feet and a caption that says, “I Wanna Rock With You.” (MJ’s the best of the best… just feet had me excited).

When the clock struck 1 am, I slid next to a cab and asked him how to get to Suitengumae. Ok, I speak no Japanese, so I didn’t ask him how to get to Suitengumae… what I said was “Sumimasen, Suitengu?” He understood me, and GET THIS… he gestured that I should follow him,  took me all the way home, and refused payment. I believe in people.

*Thank you kind sir! You saved me!

I believe in people!

Love, Val

3 thoughts on “Letter from Tokyo: No Borders

  1. …funny how you’re still saying you ‘speak no japanese’….none of the places you’ve been have english names. Thank-you-very-much (with attitude) Ari-gato-goza-maisu! (even though I have a feeling the Japanese don’t know anything about giving people attitude) 🙂

  2. Krys, you’re so right… I should stop saying I speak no Japanese, especially since I can say the most important thing of all– “Just a little bit;” as in I want, “just a little bit of whiskey” (even after the third pour), and I’ll show you “just a little bit” of my shoulder, and “just a little bit” of my thigh🙂.

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