Last week an artist named Tei asked me to contribute an article to his website. He suggested that I write something relevant to men and women, something “serious.” It appears that ipod eulogies, dialogues with dead poets, and tributes to imaginary women named Dinah, (the stuff I know), wouldn’t appeal to his audience. If Tei had asked me […]

Old and New and Newer Older V

Though I have some work to do, I’ve spent this rainy morning looking through the documents in my “fun” folder. The “fun” folder that’s saved on my desktop includes amusing email correspondences, wacky photos of friends, forwarded jokes, and events that I hope to accomplish. It’s always interesting to compare one’s plans from the past […]


Ipie, my best friend and purple ipod, is dying. I’m afflicted with guilt, and struggling with the five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As I reflect upon Ipie’s life, I wonder why s/he has to leave this earth so soon. There are so many music-filled hours to give. I first met […]


Ian is the third brother that I never knew that I wanted, but I’m lucky to have. He’s my eldest brother’s best friend from university days, and for longer than I can remember, he’s been a part of the family. Last Saturday night, I slept over at Ian’s colorful apartment where I enjoyed a game […]