There’s a place between Namibia and New York called Monotonyville. It’s not a charming little town; there’re no “hot spots” that one must check out. In Monotonyville, there are no quaint inns, no interesting residents, and no entertainment of any sort. To write about Monotonyville makes me sleepy, but it’s important to spread the word about this […]


  (previously posted on Vox 10/11/09) “According to the pain is the gain” — Rabbi Ben Hei Hei In the Karate Kid, as Daniel’s bully struggles to stand, his coach clucks, “No pain, no gain,” and ever since that day I’ve wondered is “no pain, no gain” nonsense or is it true? Often it seems […]


At around dinnertime, I’d like to conjure the ghost of Wallace Stevens, and ask him a few questions. I can’t think of a better ghost to meet, and discuss life and the poetic mind. Though I have tried contacting other ghosts in the past, they’ve all been so busy, and frankly rude. Would it really […]

Jimmy the Greek

(previously posted on Vox on 12/1/09) Jimmy the Greek sells bagels, gyros, sodas and chips from a truck in front of my office building. Every morning from nine to three, Jimmy’s truck is stationed on MLK Jr., Blvd. Rain. Snow. Sleet. Hail. He’s as constant as the running of a coke head’s nose. No other truck […]

The Decision Fairy

The Decision Fairy lives on the same street as Santa Claus and Jesus, and like them, if you call on her, she makes life-changing decisions. Word on the street is that she’ll make up to twenty-five decisions a day for each person, but the truth is she’s tackled up to forty for me today: what I’ll […]