It’s yours in heaven, it’s yours on the earth; you’re blessed in heaven, you’re blessed on the earth; you’re free in heaven, you’re free on the earth.You’re blessed, go and get your stuff; you’re blessed.— T.D Jakes

Before there was a name for the sunset, what did they call the deep spreading of pink across the sky; the deep purpling of what was not earth; the appearance of the moon in the heavens; the low hush of evening? Before there was the word “sunset,” what did they call the onset of approaching darkness? Did they say, “Pinpricks of light are marching across the sky” or did they say nothing, and just know that time was circular? I wonder about naming, because names make things concrete, yet things exist before we name them, don’t they? They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but what can be more important than naming an abstract thing and making it “real.”

We all have superficial names, but what do they mean really? Most of us know the baby dictionary meaning of our given names, and some parents painstakingly pore over baby books to choose a name that will represent what they’d like their child to be/represent/embody. (On the other hand, some parents choose a name, because it sounds beautiful or it was the name of someone they loved or they’ve run out of ideas and someone can’t go through life with the name Baby Boy Jones or Baby Girl Harrison forever.) Yet, as special or cool as our names may be, they don’t represent us. You could say to your friends, “My name’s useful, because it makes it easy for you to call me, but that word has nothing to do with me at all.”

Some friends tell me they don’t believe in “this,””that,” or the other, and that’s okay, because many times people are hung up on names, words and concepts, and not what the thing actually is.

Thus, if we rename ourselves, we can give birth to new ideas of ourselves. Let’s begin:

1) I am Love.

2) I am Spirit.

3) I am Artist (i.e., Creator).

4) I am Bountiful.

5) I am Spirit.

6) I am Artist. (i.e., Creator)

7) I am LOVE.

8) I am Blessed.

All these names mean that this life is no accident; we’re here for a reason; creation is inherent and ever-present; the whole universe is in us and vice versa, there is no separation; we are connected; we have a purpose. No time like now to find the purpose.

Happy Sunday,