He who would valiant be, ‘gainst all disaster. Let him in constancy follow the Master. There’s no discouragement shall make him once relent.  – – He Who Would Valiant Be

1) At St. Hugh’s Prep, before classes each morning, we’d go to the Hall, and sing a few hymns. The hymns varied, but the roster usually included “Morning Has Broken,” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” and “He Who Would Valiant Be.” Brown and cream and bronze and gold children heartily welcoming a new day. Girls in green dresses and boys in khaki uniforms singing “All things bright and beautiful,” not realizing that we, alongside the sunshine, the lignum vitae trees towering near, and the winged insects, were the things “bright and beautiful,” the “creatures great and small.”

*We lose much of ourselves with age, but we gain vision.

2) My food fests and carnivorous feasts must, from necessity, come to an end. My body has rebelled. I won’t bore you with my condition, but stricken from my diet are: alcohol, caffeine (real chocolate!), meat and dairy. My eyes got misty with the thought of no more pizza, beer, ice cream cones, and lamb chops. It would be ridiculous for me to complain, since two friends are dealing with and defeating Crohn’s Disease and cancer respectively. Dreaded “C” words. I’d no clue what Crohn’s Disease was until I read my friend Sonia’s blog. Check out how amazing this girl is: The Life and Times of Sonia J. Garcia, http://www.thelifeandtimesofsoniajgarcia.wordpress.com.

3) Yesterday, I received a package at work from my mother. I’d told her last week that I was having some pain, and to my surprise and wonder, six days later, I received a box from Kingston with Jamaican peppermint tea, ginger tea, two books and tamarind balls! I already feel better. It’s great to be someone’s “child.” Always.

4) I’ve more to say, but I’m posting from my phone, and it’s a pain in the you know what to post from here. My internet’s still not set up, because I don’t read katakana and can’t read the instructions to get into my building’s special deliveries box. Seems the Internet company dropped off something I need. Living without the language is difficult at times. Since moving, there have been quite a few language barrier problems: setting up the gas, Internet, and getting mail. Simple things proving difficult.

These are times for valiancy.

Take care,