“It’s On Fire Tonight… Haha Ah Yea!”

Can I get some kick please? – DJ Flex (The Waterdance)

Dear Friends,

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day, which was absolutely perfect, because I had to work.  The only thing more ideal than going to work would’ve been staying in bed all day with a box of anchovy topped pizza, a can of Coke, and a large Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar, watching shows on Hulu, but duty called. (I hung up on duty, but she called again).

Is you with me?–  DJ Flex

On my way home at 6p.m, I stopped at Lawsons and bought a large can of Sapporo, a bag of potato chips, and a bag of french fry chips. I didn’t buy more than one beer, because I knew that I’d have to wake early on Sunday for work; I got chips for anyone who wanted,  but I knew everyone in the house already had their favorite and differing brands of beer in the fridge.

When I arrived at home, Y was sitting in front of the television watching a baseball game; the team I root for was playing, so I joined him (I would’ve joined him anyway, as he’s cool as beans– let’s be clear, I could care less about baseball). Pretty soon, RT came home and sat on the couch. It was then that Y brought out his friend Ginjō-shu sake.

Let it run, let it run, this ain’t the water. – DJ Flex.

I insisted that I’d only have one glass, because as aforementioned I had to get up pretty early, and with an alcohol content of twenty-five percent, too many glasses of Ginjō-shu, plus my beer, would knock a sister out (in the bad way). Ah, but friends, it only takes one glass. Pretty soon, we were laughing at things that I’m pretty sure weren’t funny, I was starting to feel my braids unwind on their own, and Y was downright giddy, even though his team was losing.

Wait a minute…. y’all going hard tonight. – DJ Flex

Then Y came up with the idea that he’d take RT and me to a spot he knows in the neighborhood. I asked him if we were walking there, because as far as I knew, Oshiage was a residential neighborhood with little to do.

The hood, the hood, ah ha.

He called the place and made a reservation, and the three of us trooped over. The wine bar to which Y took us is about seven minutes from our house, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Right beside 7-11, behind a nondescript door, is an otherworldly wine bar/restaurant. It just doesn’t fit; we hurried in the rain, down a dark alley, through an unmarked entrance, and entered a restaurant that could rival any in the coolest neighborhoods of Paris or New York. It’s very dim inside, bottles of wine line the walls, there’s a bar where five or so can eat, and about six or seven round tables.

Throw your hands in the air. – DJ Flex

The minute we sat, the party started. I was unaware that Y was a baller; let me explain: a) First, glasses of wine were ordered b) Then, a bottle of shiraz was ordered c) The bottle of wine was followed by an appetizer plate that included foie gras, prosciutto, olives, French bread, and  pâté.

Y’all with me, is you with me?… Let’s take it up a notch.- DJ Flex

I thought we were finished; we were rosy and glowing and laughing and twinkly; then, a mini, roasted goose was brought to the table, and more glasses of wine were ordered. Can I just say that I’ve never had goose (crispy, and resting in its own sweat), and it was heavenly. Sweet times in Oshiage. When we decided it was time to brave the rain again, Y  refused to let us see the check and paid for the whole thing.

Hey ladies, hey sexy, you want me to put you in the water? Hey fellas, hey soldiers, you want me to put you in the water? – DJ Flex

Friends, the rain was coming down outside, but it was raining harder inside Borderless House. I should’ve gone to bed, but for some reason I wound up in the living room. T, another “soldier,” joined us for the Sunday night revelry (I love it!). We lamented the news that Y‘s leaving for his own space; we kanpai-ed new friendships; and, we drank one or two more glasses of the lethal Ginjō-shu.

The next morning, I woke up on time, a little groggy, in my scarf, sweater, jeans and socks. Would you expect less? – DJ Flex