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Beach Day in Monte Estoril


Words scrawled across the ocean, with the curves and dips of calligraphy, relay a full story: The sound of waves, in no hurry, rolling in, that’s enough; there’s no need for other music The melody of children laughing, as they…

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A New Beginning in Fontainhas, Cascais


Dear Friends, When I opened my bedroom window, and soon after the kitchen window, the views were identical: raindrops suspended on the edge of the frame, white houses and apartment buildings with rust-colored roofs, large trees, the sea. Yesterday, I moved…

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O Pescador (The Fisherman)

Portugal, Travel

The voices in the restaurant almost drown out the strains of music. Only three tables are occupied, yet the room seems full– perhaps, it’s the kerosene lamps hanging from the ceiling, the low wooden beams, the black and white paintings,…

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Cascais, Cascais, Cascais!

Portugal, Travel

Dear Friends, Forty minutes, and ninenteen miles from the center of Lisbon, awaits an idyllic town– Cascais. The coastal town Cascais has streets lined with palm trees, designer stores, restaurants, smaller boutiques and pocket-friendly shops, gelaterias, bookshops, a yoga studio,…