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Hundreds of Birthdays

Jamaica, Reflections

As my birthday approaches, the years that have built up to create this life wind and intersect in my mind. Loops of memory of all these years. Years stack on top of each other and stand side by side, three and thirty-two, six…

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Life’s a Roundabout

life, People

1) Yesterday, my student K, an elderly woman, presented a box to me, on which she’d written “Sensei” in Japanese characters; and inside the white carton were homemade sweets. Her gift touched me, especially since we hadn’t met many times before. My…

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“I Get High on (the) Memory”


Birthdays: 1) The most memorable birthdays I’ve had were in multiples of six, so I already know this year will be a bust. I remember my sixth birthday clearly, I woke up for school and there were presents lined up on my dresser….

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Identity Issues


Hi Friends, In the introduction to Oliver Twist, it is stated that Charles Dickens was “dedicated to any and every sort of game or jollification.” I underlined it twice, because I too have devoted my life to “jollification.” Sure, there were the years in…