Hi Friends,

Today’s an exciting day! The other day DS asked me how my move was going, and I confessed that I’d been so busy with work that I hadn’t packed, moved anything into the new place, or even bought a futon. When I waited for the gas man two days ago, it was on the comfort of the hardwood floor. (I managed to fall asleep, so I can sleep on anything.) Point is: DS heard what must’ve sounded like a cry for help, and offered to not only take me to Nittori (a home furnishings store) in Minami-Sunimachi, but to help me move in. We did it all this morning and afternoon. (Mind you, when he came over, nothing was packed.) He told me I’m a very lucky person. So true! (Forgive my over exclamation mark usage, I’m thrilled/psyched/happy).

My Moving Savior didn’t want me to take photos of him, but check these out:

* The shower and toilet are separate.* The shoe closet.

That’s it. It’s 22 square meters of bliss. (First get together, next Saturday.)

See you soon,


p.s Nothing to do with this post, but I’m hooked on this song, after only one day: