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In Lisbon: Every Road’s a Hill


Doces and Emocoes, the cafe in my neighborhood, translated in English as Sweets and Emotions, opens their doors early. Fifteen minuters after they opened, I was sitting at a corner table inside. The six outdoor tables were already taken with Lisboans smoking, drinking…

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Being a Black Man in America


Dear Friends, I have two brothers. I haven’t seen either of my brothers in years, but I imagine they are as I remember– kind, funny, generous, handsome, sappy, slightly irritating, intelligent, dependable. My brothers are five and twelve years older than me,…

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Reading Between the Lines: Leaving for Lisbon

Germany, Portugal, Travel

Dear Friends, Walking to Kaisers supermarket, the corner cafe beckoned. Pellets of sleet were falling, and a warm escape would’ve been welcome. Usually, there are one or two customers sitting outside, wrapped in dark coats, drinking coffee or eating a…

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An Incredible Wanderlust


I recently had a chat with two incredible artists and nomads, Tony and Chris, that touched on the subjects of being infected by the travel bug, living as an expat, ex-loves, Brooklyn (past and present), Berlin (past and present), possible future, illegitimate children, and the…

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Take Time to “Give in to Joy”


“If you suddenly and unexpectedly feel joy, don’t hesitate. Give in to it. There are plenty of lives and whole towns destroyed or about to be. We are not wise, and not very often kind. And much can never be…

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Berlin: “Let Winter Impress You”


Dear Friends, There are children, in the courtyard, playing under a slate sheet of sky. They’re shouting, who knows what, and if I were eight or nine, though it’s almost freezing, I’d join them in their game of tag. Perhaps, their…

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From Jamaica to Germany

Germany, Jamaica, Travel, Wellness

Dear Friends, Last week at this time, my mother and I were at Milk River Bath in Clarendon; she was soaking in the mineral baths, which are reputed to be among the most curative, restorative, and mineral rich in the…

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Last Letter from Rishikesh

India, Travel

Dear Friends, This is the last letter from Rishikesh, as I’ll be leaving tomorrow. It’s incredible that a month has flown by. This month has been about meetings and encounters. Unfortunately, I usually didn’t have my phone or camera, so…

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Be Still

India, life, Wellness

I am tribes. I am nations. I am pilgrim. I am pilgrimage. I am destination. I am here. I am England. I am Germany. I am Taiwan. I am Jamaica. I am New Zealand.  I am India. I am Brazil….