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Though I have some work to do, I’ve spent this rainy morning looking through the documents in my “fun” folder. The “fun” folder that’s saved on my desktop includes amusing email correspondences, wacky photos of friends, forwarded jokes, and events…

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Ipie, my best friend and purple ipod, is dying. I’m afflicted with guilt, and struggling with the five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As I reflect upon Ipie’s life, I wonder why s/he has to leave…

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Ian is the third brother that I never knew that I wanted, but I’m lucky to have. He’s my eldest brother’s best friend from university days, and for longer than I can remember, he’s been a part of the family….

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In three months one of my closest friends, Marsha, will be tying the knot in the land of wood and water; so we, (the bride and bridal party), flew to Fort Lauderdale in the hopes of finding a great wedding…

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Oran Juice


Last week, my co-worker Rachelle brought in a large aluminum pan of chicken wing dip. Surprisingly, as much as I’m in love with hot wings (*understatement), I’d never tasted/heard/inhaled/seen/enjoyed the glory that is chicken wing dip. Chicken wing dip is…

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Perceptions: Martha


She’s skint and lives in a box. A cardboard box that she took from the dumpster behind UPS. No, she lives in a large place. She screams often. She  has a very loud voice. She has no voice, and had to…

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In the past week, I’ve referred to myself as a golden girl three times. I wish I were saying “life is golden and easy breezy,” and not “I’m graying and weary, so please don’t call after 10pm.” Yet, it occurs…

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There’s a place between Namibia and New York called Monotonyville. It’s not a charming little town; there’re no “hot spots” that one must check out. In Monotonyville, there are no quaint inns, no interesting residents, and no entertainment of any sort….

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(previously posted on Vox 10/11/09) “According to the pain is the gain” — Rabbi Ben Hei Hei In the Karate Kid, as Daniel’s bully struggles to stand, his coach clucks, “No pain, no gain,” and ever since that day I’ve…

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At around dinnertime, I’d like to conjure the ghost of Wallace Stevens, and ask him a few questions. I can’t think of a better ghost to meet, and discuss life and the poetic mind. Though I have tried contacting other…