Do you see what I see: white fluff floating off trees like light snow; an army of ants finding their way; blue-green aquamarine ocean approaching and retreating; a toddler losing himself in an ice-cream cone; bronzed tingling flesh stretching and reclining; teenagers strutting and crowing in their glory; men throwing a Frisbee; pigeons circling and observing; the sky opening and opening with its visible fields showing; wild yellow flowers pushing from the cliff; the day wind and all of life dancing? Can you see it?

Do you hear what I hear: a thousand birds caroling as they glide over undulating waves; drumbeats caught in the branches of your heart; voices chanting for freedom, for peace; a boy calling to a girl swishing past (hear her hips); a whistle warning; three girls laughing; ice cubes hitting glass; a hundred soft breaths exhaling in ecstasy; one long sigh; the day wind seducing, “Relax.” Do you hear it?

Do you know what I know: you’re always learning; it’s not complicated; you are deserving; you’re the chosen and the chooser; you must find what you’re looking for– never stop exploring– it’s already yours; it’s true, “love it or leave it alone;” the night wind cajoling, “Relax.” Do you know that?

Listen to what I say:  Open your hands and look in them, your life is there. Take control of it.