Dear Friends,

*WARNING: If you’re on a diet, or wear skinny jeans, or care anything at all about your waistlines, don’t come to Paris! Better yet, please come, but join a gym the very second you go home…. Wherever home is, I can tell you one thing, the food isn’t this good (and that’s from a woman who just used a pot for the first time in over a year).

**Note: I made this… sure it’s pasta, but it was yummy with its blend of cheeses.

**Note: The baguette’s all mine!… How could I share when I had to eat it in four parts: 1/4 goat cheese, 1/4  Morbier cheese, 1/4 strawberry jam, 1/4 Nutella.

**Note: The lamb knuckle is my friend Tony’s, and it looked exactly like the bone Fred Flintstone loved to munch on. The chicken I ate wasn’t picture worthy.

*WARNING: If you don’t drink alcohol, you’re going to have a problem… it’s cheap, it’s sold on every corner, it’s great with your french fries, good for your health and your outlook on life; so let’s lift those glasses, “Santé!” The most useful thing I’ve seen online is the article on how to toast in fifty languages:

*WARNING: Be prepared to embrace beauty at every turn, because if you’re not ready for fantastic sights, they’ll sneak up on you and wham you upside the head. BAM!*#!”

*WARNING: Be ready to be wowed. Enchanted. Captivated. Invigorated. Thrilled.  Just relax and be….

*WARNING: If you’re visiting in August, know that many stores will be closed with signs in the window that say, “Be back in two weeks,” or they’ll just be closed for three hours in the afternoon. Ahh no problem, take your beer (or bottle of wine) to the park and wait.

Bises xx,


p.s And dear friends, it’s amazing when you’re sitting in a park eating baklava and you look up and see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Lovely summer!