This could be the first trumpet, might as well be the last. – Bob Marley (Natural Mystic)

It’s a Bob Marley kind of morning. The snow’s pelting. Blustery. Cold. I’m in a foreign land. Went to work for 7:45 am. Bob could relate. “No sun will shine in my day today, the high yellow moon won’t come out to play.” A completely different morning from today would also be a Bob Marley kind of morning. If the sun was high in the sky, there was a humming breeze, a hammock was nearby, or a daybed under a tree, the low droning of insects and the sounds of birds calling to each other in my ear, that would be a Bob morning too. A Sunday in bed on an eighty-five degree day or a Wednesday morning on a thirty-four degree day. A song for every mood, every day.

Things are not the way they used to be, won’t tell no lie. – Bob Marley (Natural Mystic)

I picked up my keys yesterday from the Sakura House offices. I can officially move into my new place in Suitengumae; it’s a shared house with seven private rooms, and it’s only fifteen minutes walking from my school (one stop on the Hanzomon line). However, the snow in Tokyo has halted my moving and my desire to do anything arduous. (Truth be told, I never have any desire to do anything that requires too much energy( ex., meet a friend in Shibuya for coffee when it’s snowing or raining).

As much as I’m anxious to be in my own living space, and won’t be far away, I’ll miss my housemates. They’ve shared so much non-materially, and since I’ve forgotten to replace things when I’ve run out, they’ve also shared quite a bit of goods: mainly, spaghetti, olive oil and toothpaste.

One and all got to face reality now. – Bob Marley (Natural Mystic)

Last week, I signed up to work mornings. One can teach from 7:45am -8:25am for bonus pay. It seems many Japanese businessmen wish to cram forty to eighty minutes of English in before a twelve to thirteen hour workday. How I admire these men (I haven’t seen many women in the morning). The hardest part is waking up, since I’m Superman and mornings are Lex Luthor. (Am I super late in realizing that Lex Luthor sounds like Lucifer?). The reality that I had to face is that I like to shop more than I ever thought I did, and I also want to travel, thus need to save. The lessons have been rewarding for me, if not for the students, because each person has a story to tell. Somehow, we always get off topic, and I’ve learned about the Edo era in Japan, shoguns, spas in Hakonae and Hokkaido, how to fix a broken nose oneself, various Japanese foods that I still haven’t tried, and the bubble era in the eighties and nineties where people were spending thousands on business lunches. At the end of every lesson, I thank my students for teaching me something, and they often tell me they enjoyed themself. It’s the experience as much as the learning, isn’t it?

My mother sent me a timely email this morning about saving. She told me to follow the example of one of my father’s brothers who “overbanked.” He saved every penny, and though I could never in life be as stingy or withholding as my uncle, I will save. She advised:

OVERBANK!  my beloved daughter and learn the stock market so that you will be financially independent.

Now, that’s advice I can easily swallow and appreciate… heaven knows, it’s needed.

This could be the first trumpet. – Bob Marley (Natural Mystic)

As everyone who knows me knows, I like to make public declarations. (Why do bloggers blog, even when no one cares? I’m not quite sure). In the beginning of the year, my friend A encouraged me to join her on a month-long cleanse (fruits, vegetables, natural juices, etc). I joined her in the detoxification quest for two days… or maybe three, told myself that life should be lived in moderation, then overindulged in many things. However, I’ve been having stomach pains, and since the internet has always been my closest ally, I diagnosed myself on Web MD. Sadly, the advice was to detox– no gluten (I honestly don’t even know what gluten is), little sugar (if any at all), and little alcohol. Friends, what will I do? March will be the month of detoxification…

Though I know it’s impossible to go living through the past, won’t tell no lie. – Bob Marley (Natural Mystic)

A Bob Marley kind of evening. I don’t smoke weed, but once in the hills of St. James I experienced a great high. I accompanied two friends to one of their cousins’ house far up in the hills. The air was crisp. There was a basic school on the corner. A small church down the street. Too many stars to count. We sat on the rastaman’s porch. You could hear the crickets calling each other. We wore t-shirts, and needed sweaters. The ras’ rolled one big spliff, and then another, and another. This wasn’t college, there was no sharing, no shared spit. Everyone got their own. All I needed was three or four clumsy, coughing puffs. Then, light. The night was brighter. Everything made sense. I wrote a book in my head that night, tried to write some of it down. Without the weed, that’s the clarity I yearn for.

If you listen carefully now, you will hear.