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On Birds: Life in Ubud

Indonesia, Wellness

I came to Ubud for the first time on November 7, 2013 to celebrate my birthday and escape the bustle of Tokyo. At the sight of Indigo Tree, surrounded by rice paddies, boys flying owl kites by the side of…

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We Know What We’re Waiting For

Japan, life, Travel, Wellness

In this place, boys are waiting, girls are waiting, birds are waiting. It’s coming, and we’re all waiting. Some of us not too patiently, but I’ve been patient. The unraveling of these years, the tapestry of life, has taught me…

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The Glad List- #7


Hi Friends, Day 7. Seven days of gratitude for all sorts of things, and it’s been fun. Since it’s been such an enjoyable experience, I’ll start the list again in a few days. (The next few days will be filled with work,…

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The Glad List- #6


Today’s been such a quiet day– quiet, but easy and relaxing. When I got home, I was thinking, “I have to write my glad list, but nothing happened. What will I write?” I wondered: Should the “glad” thing of the day…

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The Glad List- #5


Hi Friends, As most of you know, when I moved to the U.S at eleven, I wasn’t very happy. It didn’t really help matters that I moved in the fall, and the temperatures were below eighty degrees, soon to be below…

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The Glad List- #4


Hi All, Tonight, LD and I went to Daikanyama and Roppongi to “find life.” The night was going swimmingly well; first we went to Kin Folk in Daikanyama, then Agave Cigar and Tequila Bar in Roppongi, where three guys sat beside us, and I…

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The Glad List- #3


Hi All, 1) In the basement of Coredo Nihonbashi, there’s a bakery named Maison Kayser that sells the softest baguettes, the cheesiest cheese-filled bread, the chocolatiest tarts, the most lemony citron tarts, and a large array of every kind of bread you can…

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The Glad List- #2


Hi Guys, Yesterday was the start of the glad list, and it seems today it’s almost too easy. It’s been given to me on a platter, — PAYDAY!–, so I figured I’d need to look elsewhere. When is hard-earned (or…

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The Glad List- #1


Hi Friends, For the next seven days, there’ll be a post a day about one great thing. A thing to be grateful for/glad for/glad about. These posts are going to be short, but a bundle of smiles. (Well, here in Tokyo at least–…

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Hope, an Energy Food

Japan, Wellness

There’s no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. – Wayne Dyer Dear Friends, 1) My friend and former housemate, Yi, from Borderless House, is moving to Africa in four days. In the past few months, there have been quite a…