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Letter from Paris: Eat, Drink and Be…

France, Travel

Dear Friends, *WARNING: If you’re on a diet, or wear skinny jeans, or care anything at all about your waistlines, don’t come to Paris! Better yet, please come, but join a gym the very second you go home…. Wherever home is,…

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Letter from Paris: First Impressions

France, Travel

Dear Friends, It never really hit me that I was leaving for Paris (despite all the posts and conversations), until I was sitting in the departure lounge at JFK surrounded by only French-speaking people. “What am I doing?” briefly flitted…

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Letter from Kingston: The Hibiscus

Jamaica, Travel

Did you know that a hibiscus folds into itself at night? All of its radiant peach and red and gold wrapped around itself until the morning sun swoops in. I realized this morning at 1am, when I looked at the hibiscuses…

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Letter from Kingston: Home is Jamaica

Jamaica, life, Travel

Dear Friends, There are simple questions in life: What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you live? Where are you from?  However for me, these questions aren’t as simple as they appear at first glance, and I often find…

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D.C in a Day


I wonder if others are as list compulsive as I am; I often create lists for no apparent reason: top five songs of all time, top three books ever written, top three books successfully adapted to movies, top three artists of…

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Prepping For Paris

France, Travel

Dear Friends, In less than eight hours I’ll begin my final day of work in New Jersey. Three and a half years of working and studying at an end (still can’t believe it). My boss threw a lovely farewell yesterday…