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The Black Body


A black body (also blackbody) is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle of incidence. In a conversation with a friend last week, she reminded me that “we’re spirits having human experiences.”…

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R.I.P Sandra Bland


Two days ago, Roxanne Gay published an op-ed piece in the NY times about the vulnerability of Black bodies– male and female. She started the article, with words friends and I have used when discussing the racial situation in the U.S,…

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Being a Black Man in America


Dear Friends, I have two brothers. I haven’t seen either of my brothers in years, but I imagine they are as I remember– kind, funny, generous, handsome, sappy, slightly irritating, intelligent, dependable. My brothers are five and twelve years older than me,…

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Not A Race Thing, A Human Thing…


Dear Friends, As you know, this blog isn’t a place for my political beliefs (as I care little about politics ), or any kind of news source, but I haven’t been able to keep one particular news story off my mind….