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The Chance Encounter


“Chance encounters play a prominent role in shaping human lives…Some fortuitous encounters touch only lightly, others leave more lasting effects, and still others branch people into new trajectories of life.”- Albert Bandura, The Psychology of Chance Encounters and Life Paths…

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Lisbon Morning

Portugal, Travel

Dear Friends, For the sixth time, and with a great degree of scucess, I found a room on Airbnb. My host is a charming Portuguese woman, Agostinha, who welcomed me with a warm smile, a bag of groceries, and unbeknownst…

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In Lisbon: Every Road’s a Hill


Doces and Emocoes, the cafe in my neighborhood, translated in English as Sweets and Emotions, opens their doors early. Fifteen minuters after they opened, I was sitting at a corner table inside. The six outdoor tables were already taken with Lisboans smoking, drinking…

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Reading Between the Lines: Leaving for Lisbon

Germany, Portugal, Travel

Dear Friends, Walking to Kaisers supermarket, the corner cafe beckoned. Pellets of sleet were falling, and a warm escape would’ve been welcome. Usually, there are one or two customers sitting outside, wrapped in dark coats, drinking coffee or eating a…