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Last week an artist named Tei asked me to contribute an article to his website. He suggested that I write something relevant to men and women, something “serious.” It appears that ipod eulogies, dialogues with dead poets, and tributes to imaginary women…

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Ipie, my best friend and purple ipod, is dying. I’m afflicted with guilt, and struggling with the five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. As I reflect upon Ipie’s life, I wonder why s/he has to leave…

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In three months one of my closest friends, Marsha, will be tying the knot in the land of wood and water; so we, (the bride and bridal party), flew to Fort Lauderdale in the hopes of finding a great wedding…

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Oran Juice


Last week, my co-worker Rachelle brought in a large aluminum pan of chicken wing dip. Surprisingly, as much as I’m in love with hot wings (*understatement), I’d never tasted/heard/inhaled/seen/enjoyed the glory that is chicken wing dip. Chicken wing dip is…

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In the past week, I’ve referred to myself as a golden girl three times. I wish I were saying “life is golden and easy breezy,” and not “I’m graying and weary, so please don’t call after 10pm.” Yet, it occurs…

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life, People

There’s a place between Namibia and New York called Monotonyville. It’s not a charming little town; there’re no “hot spots” that one must check out. In Monotonyville, there are no quaint inns, no interesting residents, and no entertainment of any sort….

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(previously posted on Vox 10/11/09) “According to the pain is the gain” — Rabbi Ben Hei Hei In the Karate Kid, as Daniel’s bully struggles to stand, his coach clucks, “No pain, no gain,” and ever since that day I’ve…

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At around dinnertime, I’d like to conjure the ghost of Wallace Stevens, and ask him a few questions. I can’t think of a better ghost to meet, and discuss life and the poetic mind. Though I have tried contacting other…

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I recently read an article about a Japanese man who has spent approximately $16,000 on plastic dolls for companionship over the past decade: I was feeling a little sorry for the guy (as in “He’s pathetic!”), until he said that…

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Jimmy the Greek


(previously posted on Vox on 12/1/09) Jimmy the Greek sells bagels, gyros, sodas and chips from a truck in front of my office building. Every morning from nine to three, Jimmy’s truck is stationed on MLK Jr., Blvd. Rain. Snow. Sleet….