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Life’s a Roundabout

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1) Yesterday, my student K, an elderly woman, presented a box to me, on which she’d written “Sensei” in Japanese characters; and inside the white carton were homemade sweets. Her gift touched me, especially since we hadn’t met many times before. My…

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Already A Year of Contradictions

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Happy 2012 Friends! I must tell you that the first day of this year has already proven that 2012 is going to be the year of contradictions. For New Year’s Eve, some friends and I went to Jiyugaoka to eat soba. M…

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5 for ’12

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Dear Friends, Just one more day to a fabulous new year. (Can you believe it?). The other day I taught my holy hotness of a student, S, and our topic was “Setting Resolutions.”  He told me that he didn’t see…

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“What’s Wrong With Loving One Another?”

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Ye are the sheep of my pasture, so verily, thou shall be very well. – Bob Marley (So Jah Seh) Dear Friends, All has been well. Life has been good… has been great… more than well. The days have been filled…

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“It’s On Fire Tonight… Haha Ah Yea!”


Can I get some kick please? – DJ Flex (The Waterdance) Dear Friends, Saturday was a rainy, dreary day, which was absolutely perfect, because I had to work.  The only thing more ideal than going to work would’ve been staying in…

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A Letter to Carolyn M. Rodgers

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A few years ago in the “winter of my discontent,” my friend Darius sent my soul sustenance with an email simply titled “Hey.” In Darius’s message, he included Carolyn M. Rodgers’s poem “In the Shadow of Turning: Throwing Salt.” Since…

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A Post Mojito

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Nothing lasts forever not even cold November rain. — Guns N’ Roses (November Rain) Dear Friends, Here’s an 11/11/11 cocktail: The Mint: My friend A‘s birthday was on Sunday, and as mine was on Wednesday, we decided to have a joint…

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“I Got Nuttin’ But Love For Ya”


A few years ago, I had a blog on where I wrote often about the impact of New Jack Swing on the musical landscape of my life. When I was twelve, I honestly thought that when I was an adult (20…