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Z, an Unknown Variable


Dear Friends, It’s often said that before one dies an entire life will flash in quick succession before one’s eyes. (You know it, you’ve seen it in movies a million times.) While teaching my student Y, this morning, fragments of my life flashed before…

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“The World’s Alright With Me”

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Simplicity is beauty. Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything – just walk, look around, live the moment. – Brahma Kumaris…

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“Mi Coffee”


10:08 am: I’m sitting in the Illy across the street from my school, because my first student of the day called to cancel his lesson. There’s a beautiful couple sitting across from me drinking frothy coffee topped with whipped cream. The girl faces…

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Never, Nunca, (副)決して; いまだに; 全く


Never is a word for young people. The word “never” is ridiculous and useless as one gets older. Anyone who uses the word in an absolute way, non-related to anything life-threatening, has consigned themselves to a life of inflexibility, restrictions…

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Happy Wednesday!


Dear Friends, When I had a real job, Wednesday was the happiest day of the week. I should tell you that when I say “real job,” I mean a 9-5 that had me praying for the weekend. Wednesday was hump…

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Jambalaya, Jumbleaya Week… (Whatever)


My defenses become fences; Now, I’m stumbling, I change my faces, and if you think I’m fake-up, wait around ’til I take off my make-up. – Tricky (Christiansands) A few minutes ago, a prodigal son sent me this message, “Hey V, what’re you up…

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I Want to Say “Ooh I Knew You Were The One”


Dear Friends, I must tell you what’s been going on in Suitengumae (my ‘hood); I’ve been listening to Dolly Parton, Chicago and Prince on heavy rotation, because my mind’s wavering between wanting an exclusive love or having sex without emotions behind it. I’m tired of waiting for that elusive…

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“It’s Been Such a Long Time”


Tell me how long has it been?–  New Birth (It’s Been Such a Long Time) Dear Friends, It’s 1:30 am; it’s been too long… so, let’s have small (internet) talk. I’d like for us to be really in touch, so I’ve…

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“What You Say?”


These last few weeks have been calm, but in a “quiet before a stormy breakdown” kind of way, not in a relaxed “oh, listen to the wind in the willows, while you sip a chilled lemonade” kind of way. The…

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Prodigal Sons (A Beginning)

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 The younger son gathered all he had and took a journey into a far country, and there he squandered his property in reckless living. (Luke 15:13 ESV) 1) CJ‘s a Brit who’s lived in Japan for sixteen years. He’s a thirty-five year…