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Foreseeable Disasters


Dear Friends, A few days ago, there were prolonged tremors. Usually, the tremors last a few seconds or at most a minute, but the other morning, they seemed to go on and on. The shaking didn’t faze me at all,…

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Building Blocks: Being “In Love”‏


“Please let me make a true confession, I have never been in love before.” – Bernard Wright (Who Do You Love?) You might think it strange to have as many conversations about romantic love as I’ve had this week, since…

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Doutor… (This Has Nothing To Do With Doutor At All)


Dear Friends, I’ve spent about fifteen minutes trying to untangle the necklace I’d like to wear tomorrow, and since it’s becoming frustrating I’ve decided to take a break. In the fourteen months that I’ve lived in Japan, a number of…

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2) Thank You (my Thanksgiving list in no particular order)


Hi All, We all know everyday’s a day to be thankful for something, because only in the practice of gratitude can we be appreciative of our lives. It’s amazing how days grow richer/fuller/better when we take a minute to give thanks for…

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“Ready or Not:” You Knew This Day Would Come


Hi Guys, I would have titled this post “Soup,” but I already titled a post “Soup” months ago; a post, which in fact, had nothing to do with soup. That’s neither here nor there, let’s talk about soup. One of…

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Re/Connecting: What’s Up My Peeps?!


Dear Friends, It’s been too long. Much has happened, and I feel I should write you multiple letters (but I won’t– I’ll pack it all in here). Life’s all good and bad and in-between with all of us connected by…

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“The Days Grow Long:” The Shortest Post Ever


I rode the train  to Azabu-Juban, this afternoon, to pick up my apartment keys from Kaz. It took us an hour and a half to go over the documents and sign all the paperwork; two copies of everything. I signed my name to…

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I Was So Right, But I Wish I Were Wrong


“I was so right, so right, thought I could turn emotion on and off.” – Diana Ross (The Boss) On my way to Yi‘s going away party, I met a British guy named A. He seemed nice enough, (who really knows in…

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Summer’s Over: “Remember Me As A Sunny Day”


Remember me as a sunny day that you once had along the way.  – Diana Ross (Remember Me) The summer’s unwinding, not ending, and that’s good. The days are hot, and less humid, while the nights drop to comfortable temps and the cicadas…

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“You Do This To Me”


You came and you changed my world. –MJ (Liberian Girl) 1) It’s two days until Michael Jackson’s birthday. When my friend BL told me it was his mother’s birthday on August 25th, I responded that it’d be Michael Jackson’s birthday on the 29th. His next words…