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Transcendent Night, Transcendent Darkness


There was a time when all was night. Darkness reigned. We weren’t afraid of the dark; it was our comfort. Our eyes were open, but we couldn’t see, just smell, hear and touch. You might remember this: the night smelled…

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What’s in a Name? (You Were You, Before Your Name)


It’s yours in heaven, it’s yours on the earth; you’re blessed in heaven, you’re blessed on the earth; you’re free in heaven, you’re free on the earth.You’re blessed, go and get your stuff; you’re blessed.— T.D Jakes Before there was…

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I Vow to Thee, Myself…


Hi Friends, After work, I met up with my friend A for a bite in Nihonbashi. We met at six, and since I finish work at 4:45, I had some time to browse in Maruzen (the bookstore next to my workplace). The English…

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The Genesis: First Time in Bali

Indonesia, life

Friends, I just visited Bali, for the first time, and it showed me a side of myself and a world that I could have only imagined. The entire trip was one of light, love, and grace. Without exaggeration I tell…

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Tokyo: It’s Pink Now.

Japan, life

Dear Friends, The sunlight is pink now. It’s 5:23pm and as the sun sets on the brick building across the street, the world glows petal-pink through the still, sheer white curtains. No wind stirs, but the temperature has dropped many…

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A Lifetime of Used Tos

Japan, life

It’s an early summer morning in Tokyo. I have been sitting beside the Sumida River for some time; it’s the only place to escape the heat. At 10am, it’s already 85 degrees. There’s a small breeze here, and I’m trying to…

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The Wind’s Beside Me

Japan, life

Riding a bicycle on long stretches of open road could possibly be the most exhilarating feeling there is. It feels like waking up to your favorite song; it feels like drinking a cappuccino with an extra shot shot of espresso; it feels like the second…

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“My Words Like Silent Raindrops Fell”


Hello Friends, The last few days have been dark– gray and rainy. We’ve entered the rainy season; my second in Tokyo, and though rainy days aren’t ideal, they’re more welcome than what will come next. Scorching days accompanied by an all-encompassing…

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“Sweeter Than Wine”


So different and so new…. It’s not different, nor is it new. Things stop becoming new quickly. We sound like imitations of ourselves. Our words aren’t new. The things we say to each other aren’t new; we’ve said them before to each…

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We Know What We’re Waiting For

Japan, life, Travel, Wellness

In this place, boys are waiting, girls are waiting, birds are waiting. It’s coming, and we’re all waiting. Some of us not too patiently, but I’ve been patient. The unraveling of these years, the tapestry of life, has taught me…