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Friday with Friday


Dear Friends, Today, my friend Friday ditched work to hang out with me on a sunny, albeit still too chilly for my taste, day. Usually, on my day off, I sleep until late, wake up, snooze for three more hours,…

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… It Only Gets Better


Dear Friends, Earlier today, I commented to a friend from my Berlitz orientation class that although we’ve only been in Japan for four months, it feels like I’ve been in Tokyo forever. She agreed and said that she’s also settled quite comfortably into the lights, late nights and beer, and…

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Letter from Tokyo: “Rejoice, Rejoice!”


See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19 (The Bible) Dear Friends, Two minutes ago while…

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Letter from Tokyo: “Wake Up and Live”


Dear Friends, This morning, I skyped with DB who told me that his greatest disappointment with his move to Washington, D.C is the lack of close friends nearby. We reminisced about when we lived in Jersey City how we’d pop over to each other’s…

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“Yes mi fren,” an “All in one” Christmas


Dear Friends, There isn’t  a medley created that could better encapsulate/capture/comprehend every mood/aspect/facet of my December like Bob Marley’s “All in One.” The All in One medley includes: Bend Down Low, Nice Time, One Love, Simmer Down, It Hurts to be Alone, Lonesome Feeling,…

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Letter from Tokyo: Sukiyaki with an Arctic Tern


Dear Friends, For the last two days, I’ve been reading back issues of National Geographic. There are about fifty National Geographics lying around the breakroom at my school, and I’ve resisted them until this week. My relationship with each and every one of the National…

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Letter from Tokyo: “Just Got Paid! It’s Friday Night!”


Just got paid, it’s Friday night, party hunting, feeling right.- Johnny Kemp (Just Got Paid) Hi Friends, When I told my brother DJ last night (Thursday night) that it felt like Christmas Eve, because the very next morning Payroll Santa (St. Nick’s…

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Letter from Tokyo: Holy High Heavens!


Through the mirror of my mind, time after time, I see reflections of (…) the way things used to be. – The Supremes (Reflections) Dear Friends, A few months ago, which now seems like a lifetime ago, I had three jobs.  I…