Time spent in Bali and Gili Air.

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Making Moves


Freedom is mine and I know how I feel.— Nina Simone (Feeling Good) Dear Friends, The guys across the street, in front of the Bisma Mini-Market,  play chess from afternoon to late evening. Everyday I walk by, and there are…

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108 Steps to Home

Indonesia, Wellness

As we travel on, we are constantly destroying and rebuilding ourselves and who we are.- Paulo Coellho Dear Friends, 1) Yesterday evening, my friend H and I went to Bar Luna on Main Street for an evening of play readings…

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The Walk to Jembawan, no.3

Indonesia, Wellness

Dear Friends, Most mornings, I wake up early and walk from Bisma Street to Jembawan Street, which takes approximately fifteen minutes. Along the way, there is a rice field, a school, the outdoor market where vendors sell fresh fruits and vegetables,…

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Let Go: You Will Start to Feel Free

Indonesia, Wellness

Dear Friends, It’s Sunday morning, the day of rest and rejuvenation for many in the West. The Balinese never seem to rest. On Sunday mornings, they still wake up at six am or before to set up the marketplace; they…

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On Birds: Life in Ubud

Indonesia, Wellness

I came to Ubud for the first time on November 7, 2013 to celebrate my birthday and escape the bustle of Tokyo. At the sight of Indigo Tree, surrounded by rice paddies, boys flying owl kites by the side of…

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The Genesis: First Time in Bali

Indonesia, life

Friends, I just visited Bali, for the first time, and it showed me a side of myself and a world that I could have only imagined. The entire trip was one of light, love, and grace. Without exaggeration I tell…