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Reading Between the Lines: Leaving for Lisbon

Germany, Portugal, Travel

Dear Friends, Walking to Kaisers supermarket, the corner cafe beckoned. Pellets of sleet were falling, and a warm escape would’ve been welcome. Usually, there are one or two customers sitting outside, wrapped in dark coats, drinking coffee or eating a…

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Berlin: “Let Winter Impress You”


Dear Friends, There are children, in the courtyard, playing under a slate sheet of sky. They’re shouting, who knows what, and if I were eight or nine, though it’s almost freezing, I’d join them in their game of tag. Perhaps, their…

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From Jamaica to Germany

Germany, Jamaica, Travel, Wellness

Dear Friends, Last week at this time, my mother and I were at Milk River Bath in Clarendon; she was soaking in the mineral baths, which are reputed to be among the most curative, restorative, and mineral rich in the…