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Letter About CDG Experience

France, Travel

Hi Friends, My departure from Paris ended on as good and hectic a note as it started. There’s something about the process of flying these days that brings about a certain madness/panic/adrenaline rush. It’s the combination of uncertainty, making it…

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A Quick Note from Epinay-sur-Orge


Dear Friends, This is just a quick note accompanied by zero pictures, because I have to tell you what happened today. Ever since my time ran out at the lovely apartment in the 19th arrondisement, I’ve been traveling (Amsterdam and…

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Letter to Paris: Toujours, Je t’aime…


Dear Paris, I’d always seen you and loved you from afar. In movies. In postcards. In my mind… envisioning myself at one of your cafes, drinking an espresso (though I’m not a fan of coffee), smoking a cigarette (though I’m not…

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Letter from Paris: Around Town


Dear Friends, On August 16th, Nothing Profound posted on his blog The Daily Aphorism ( that “the only way to improve the world is by loving it.” I’ve decided to live by Nothing Profound’s aphorism and prance around Paris loving everything and…

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Letter from Marseille, the Marvelous

France, Travel

Dear Friends, The number 50 bus leaves from Aix-en-Provence to Marseille every ten minutes, and arrives at St. Charles terminal twenty-five minutes after one has boarded. For only five euros, one can ride in comfort from Aix-en-Provence to the second largest city…

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Letter from Aix-en-Provence: Bonjour!

France, Travel

Thursday, August 25 Dear Friends, The TGV train from Paris to Marseille scheduled to leave Gare du Lyon train station at 9:15am, left on the dot and it was exciting to be aboard in second class, seat 78.  * On…

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Letter from Paris: Life Goulash

France, Travel

Dear Friends, This post, similar to goulash, is going to have many different things thrown in, so if you need a minute to get a cup of coffee or tea or rum punch, please go ahead. 1) I live at…

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Letter from Paris: Smorgasbord of Life

France, Travel

Dear Friends, It’s been exactly two weeks since I landed on the European continent. Fourteen days, I’ve come to learn, is like fourteen minutes when in the company of great people, tremendous feasts, and nothing but time to discover the meaning of…

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Letter from Paris: Eat, Drink and Be…

France, Travel

Dear Friends, *WARNING: If you’re on a diet, or wear skinny jeans, or care anything at all about your waistlines, don’t come to Paris! Better yet, please come, but join a gym the very second you go home…. Wherever home is,…