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Letter from Madrid: … like Christopher Columbus

Europe, Travel

Christopher Columbus—Italian or Spanish? Founder of the New World or fraud? I’m sure if I wikipediaed Chris C, I could find a wealth of information about the first question, and the fact is that I care little about the second….

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Letter from London: Friends, Food, Fun

Europe, Travel

Dear Friends, If I ever tell you that I’m booking a trip on a Eurolines coach, because it’s cheap and they’re having a deal that “just can’t be beat,” remind me of my ten hour bus ride from Paris to…

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Letter from Amsterdam: Another Conversation with God

Europe, Travel

Dear Friends, Neale Donald Walsch transcripted his lengthy conversations with God into a successful, revelatory book that speaks to millions. I loved his book, not only for the topics covered, but because I have my very own conversations with God all…

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Letter from Amsterdam: Day Tripper

Europe, Travel

Hi Friends, Tuesday: All the leaves are green, and the sky is gray. Something’s wrong, right? The sky has been gray from yesterday until today (not trying to rhyme intentionally). It has poured buckets, thus I spent most of my…

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Letter from Amsterdam: Hallo!

Europe, Travel

Hallo Friends, The Eurolines bus from Paris to Amsterdam leaves every ninety minutes, and it’s possible to get a round-trip ticket for less than a blazer at Zara. It’s true, for less than seventy euros one can exit the land…