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November 2014

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Be Still

India, life, Wellness

I am tribes. I am nations. I am pilgrim. I am pilgrimage. I am destination. I am here. I am England. I am Germany. I am Taiwan. I am Jamaica. I am New Zealand.  I am India. I am Brazil….

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The Shape of Memory (A Love Letter)


Dear Friends, There are hours of silence here, in which there’s ample time to sit under the tree of memory. Often in repose, memories shade me, and when I lean against the thickening trunk of the tree, a leaf of…

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The “I” Amidst the Chaos of India

India, life, Travel

Dear Friends, Over lunch, one of the German women at my ashram, who speaks little English, looking up, said, “Schmetterling!” After a moment, it was divined that the translation of schmetterling in English is “butterfly.” Schmetterlings kept reappearing throughout the…