Hi Friends,

Day 7. Seven days of gratitude for all sorts of things, and it’s been fun. Since it’s been such an enjoyable experience, I’ll start the list again in a few days. (The next few days will be filled with work, more work, a short out of town trip to Gunma, and one or two parties over the weekend– a good week!).

Today’s topic of gladness is something that the very cold days might’ve given you a clue was coming–

1) On MSN.com’s Health section yesterday, they had an article on the myths and facts of home remedies that fight common ailments. One of the remedies listed the benefits of onions; the experts stated that onions were especially effective in chicken soup. You know where my mind went, right? Yes. A pot of chicken soup.

When I got in from my morning classes, and my run to Precce, I cooked up a pot of chicken soup. They say the third time’s the charm, and whoever they are aren’t lying, because it was the best one yet. I cleaned out the vegetable aisle, and the soup contains not only onions, but okra, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, leeks, mushrooms, chicken, thyme, bay leaves, and some green things that I don’t know the name of.

You know those people that won’t stop showing you pictures of their baby, even though you’ve expressed no interest? That’s how it is with my soup, but I just can’t help but show you… it’s so beautiful. (By the way, don’t be offended that I compared a pot of chicken soup to your baby. Surely, you understand creation, etc….).

Early stages of the process.

Early stages of the process.Take care,


Addendum: From MSN health 12/4/12:

Your mom or grandmother may have raised you to believe that there’s something magical about chicken soup when it comes to treating a cold or flu, but is it true? Yes, says Dr. Sharp. “Turns out, there’s some real science behind this,” he says, explaining that chicken soup may have a positive effect on the immune system with something called neutrophil aggregation — which means “bringing white blood cells together.” White blood cells help fight off infection in your body and are integral to helping you feel better faster. While it’s not clear if other broths or hot beverages have similar immune system benefits, Dr. Sharp says hot liquids like tea and broth can help reduce the symptoms of a cold or flu virus, relieving sinus and throat pain.