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December 2012

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Building Blocks: Being “In Love”‏


“Please let me make a true confession, I have never been in love before.” – Bernard Wright (Who Do You Love?) You might think it strange to have as many conversations about romantic love as I’ve had this week, since…

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Doutor… (This Has Nothing To Do With Doutor At All)


Dear Friends, I’ve spent about fifteen minutes trying to untangle the necklace I’d like to wear tomorrow, and since it’s becoming frustrating I’ve decided to take a break. In the fourteen months that I’ve lived in Japan, a number of…

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The Glad List- #7


Hi Friends, Day 7. Seven days of gratitude for all sorts of things, and it’s been fun. Since it’s been such an enjoyable experience, I’ll start the list again in a few days. (The next few days will be filled with work,…

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The Glad List- #6


Today’s been such a quiet day– quiet, but easy and relaxing. When I got home, I was thinking, “I have to write my glad list, but nothing happened. What will I write?” I wondered: Should the “glad” thing of the day…

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The Glad List- #5


Hi Friends, As most of you know, when I moved to the U.S at eleven, I wasn’t very happy. It didn’t really help matters that I moved in the fall, and the temperatures were below eighty degrees, soon to be below…

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The Glad List- #4


Hi All, Tonight, LD and I went to Daikanyama and Roppongi to “find life.” The night was going swimmingly well; first we went to Kin Folk in Daikanyama, then Agave Cigar and Tequila Bar in Roppongi, where three guys sat beside us, and I…