Hi All,

1) In the basement of Coredo Nihonbashi, there’s a bakery named Maison Kayser that sells the softest baguettes, the cheesiest cheese-filled bread, the chocolatiest tarts, the most lemony citron tarts, and a large array of every kind of bread you can imagine.

On Thursday evenings, I teach my private group of three in Kanda. Well, the hour we spend is really just conversation on a range of topics; there’s no textbook, writing or homework. So, I bike over there (about ten minutes away from my place) for an hour of chat with green tea and some kind of treat. Usually, the leader of the group, M brings the sweets, but at our last session, I said I’d bring them.

Tonight, we enjoyed our talk about onsens, sports, bowling, NYC rush hour, the holidays, and Hokkaido, with chocolate tarts, almond tarts and tea. Sweet.


Look at the newest addition to #405– Ferlena (eating a slice of baguette from Maison Kayser):


It’s my house and I live here…

There’s music on the radio.

and good vibrations won’t let me go

I put my name on the ceiling above, ’cause it was built for love… — Diana Ross (It’s My House)


Later :),