Hi Guys,

I would have titled this post “Soup,” but I already titled a post “Soup” months ago; a post, which in fact, had nothing to do with soup. That’s neither here nor there, let’s talk about soup.

One of my favorite childhood stories is one where a man has nothing to eat, so he cons an entire town into making soup. He tells the townspeople he knows how to make a ridiculously delicious soup, and that it starts with a stone. He puts a stone into a large pot with water, tastes it a couple of times, and declares that it’s tasty. One by one the townspeople claim that they can make the soup even better, so they bring carrots, turnips, seasonings, and some meat, until they, indeed, have a huge, steaming, heavenly cauldron of soup that all can enjoy. Genius. A few years ago, I told my nephews the story, and we set about making stone soup. We got a stone from the front yard, added some soy sauce, and some carrots. We drank it, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the tale’s.

About two weeks ago, I was in the teacher’s room at work and my co-worker J was eating a divine-smelling, vegetable-filled, chicken soup. I asked him where’d he’d gotten it, and he said that he’d made it. Made it?! Novel concept. We continued to talk about the economical aspects of making one’s own food and bringing it to work in tupperware, instead of dropping money at the convenience store everyday. I vowed then and there that I’d make some soup.

In my life, I’ve cooked pasta and chicken. Roasting or baking anything is easy, (right?), because it can be seasoned and left unattended, but anything that required cutting, and stirring, and adding, and time, just seemed too much. Until two days ago. It was a somewhat cool evening, and I felt inspired/compelled/motivated to make soup. So, I went to Precce, the supermarket in Coredo Nihonbashi, to buy all the requisite ingredients for chicken soup. Thing is, I couldn’t remember what actually goes in soup besides carrots, chicken and onions, so I bought a lot more stuff. I picked up shitake mushrooms, noodles, seaweed, chicken bouillon cubes, and black pepper. Then, I texted B to query about additional ingredients, and he suggested bay leaves, celery, and thyme. Folks, I came home, cleaned the chicken, seasoned it and cooked it for a little while in olive oil. Then in another pot, I boiled the vegetables, including some potatoes that I’d been given. The soup was a smash! (I’ve eaten it for two days and still have some left). You know what I’m gonna do tonight? Make more soup. (Tonight, I won’t forget the stone).

Take care,


p.s Hey Love,

Not sure if you know, but you should, that one of our musical geniuses has died– Major Harris of The Delfonics. A gifted man with a fantastic, voice– What do they say, “often imitated but never duplicated?” Now, back to The Delfonics, because yes, the soup blew my mind.