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November 2012

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The Glad List- #3


Hi All, 1) In the basement of Coredo Nihonbashi, there’s a bakery named Maison Kayser that sells the softest baguettes, the cheesiest cheese-filled bread, the chocolatiest tarts, the most lemony citron tarts, and a large array of every kind of bread you can…

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The Glad List- #2


Hi Guys, Yesterday was the start of the glad list, and it seems today it’s almost too easy. It’s been given to me on a platter, — PAYDAY!–, so I figured I’d need to look elsewhere. When is hard-earned (or…

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The Glad List- #1


Hi Friends, For the next seven days, there’ll be a post a day about one great thing. A thing to be grateful for/glad for/glad about. These posts are going to be short, but a bundle of smiles. (Well, here in Tokyo at least–…

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2) Thank You (my Thanksgiving list in no particular order)


Hi All, We all know everyday’s a day to be thankful for something, because only in the practice of gratitude can we be appreciative of our lives. It’s amazing how days grow richer/fuller/better when we take a minute to give thanks for…

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“Ready or Not:” You Knew This Day Would Come


Hi Guys, I would have titled this post “Soup,” but I already titled a post “Soup” months ago; a post, which in fact, had nothing to do with soup. That’s neither here nor there, let’s talk about soup. One of…

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Re/Connecting: What’s Up My Peeps?!


Dear Friends, It’s been too long. Much has happened, and I feel I should write you multiple letters (but I won’t– I’ll pack it all in here). Life’s all good and bad and in-between with all of us connected by…