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Dear Friends,

1) Today, I spent the afternoon with B and LD in a Kagurazaka, a part of town I’ve never visited. Kagurazaka feels like the suburbs or countryside; there are trees and large houses and winding roads and small alleyways and bakeries selling warm croissants and custard bread and gelaterias showcasing tropical gelato and fruity gelato and chocolatiers and parks with children throwing water balloons, and tiny, old women slightly bigger than their canes and more pregnant women than anyone can count and cheap 100 yen shops and smiling people. It felt for a moment, in the few stops from Nihonbashi to Kagurazaka, that we had left Tokyo altogether.

2) For lunch, we ate ramen at ABC Ramen. (For the record, that’s a guess at the name, because none of us really know). My ramen was good, a spicy soup, reminiscent of hot wing sauce, with cold noodles topped with miso on the side. Good, not fantastic. Apparently, LD, firmly disagreed with me, which was clear when he lifted his bowl to his mouth to make sure that he got every last drop. I prefer my spot in Ningyocho, especially since I left the restaurant with no gifts, which never happens in Ningyocho.

3) She wears a long fur coat of mink, even in the summertime. — Sheila E. (The Glamorous Life)

Ah summer.  Tokyo blazed today. Who was the girl Sheila E. sang about in The Glamorous Life, and how in God’s name did she wear fur in the summer? What kind of summer was she talking about– a summer in Oslo, Tokyo, New York or Athens? To think, I used to think that girl was incredible; however, as I biked to Nihonbashi from Suitengu in a short-sleeved white dress, I could feel the sweat building and rolling down my stomach (a sweat avalanche), and I knew that I was decidedly un-glamorous. Not a good feeling.

As you know, I grew up for the first eleven years of my life in a tropical climate, but the humidity that comes with Tokyo’s heat makes an eighty degree day feel at least ten degrees higher. Please take me out of this season that we’ve only just begun. What’s happening here? Where I once prayed for summer, I now call to fall.

4) On Sunday, I spoke to my father on Skype. He had just come home from church and was in the middle of reading my blog. Reading this blog just doesn’t seem like it should be a post church activity. Maybe, it’s more of a pre-dinner, during work, or a post-nap kind of thing. He let me know that he finds my life amusing, even the “Lonely Hearts Club” stuff (the online dating). When I asked him, if he was praying for me, he said that I wasn’t really in that much need, and I was in his general prayers, but now he’ll be step it up (my words). Just letting you guys know, if there’s a sudden turnaround in my life, it was from my father’s mouth to God’s ears.

5) Take a look at one of my favorite pics; my father’s exasperation while looking at me looking at the coconut and my brother’s obliviousness to it all.

See you soon,


p.s You don’t have to understand something to love it; for example, 99 Luft Balloons.

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