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May 2012

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“The World’s Alright With Me”

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Simplicity is beauty. Choose a day as your day of simplicity. Speak little, and listen with attention. Eat simple and natural food. Create time periods for not doing anything – just walk, look around, live the moment. – Brahma Kumaris…

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“Mi Coffee”


10:08 am: I’m sitting in the Illy across the street from my school, because my first student of the day called to cancel his lesson. There’s a beautiful couple sitting across from me drinking frothy coffee topped with whipped cream. The girl faces…

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Never, Nunca, (副)決して; いまだに; 全く


Never is a word for young people. The word “never” is ridiculous and useless as one gets older. Anyone who uses the word in an absolute way, non-related to anything life-threatening, has consigned themselves to a life of inflexibility, restrictions…

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Kaizen, Tying it Up, and Supernovas

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1) Yesterday, I taught Hiro K. Correction, I had a student named Hiro yesterday who taught me. At my language school, we’re told to follow “the method” closely, and to use the book which lays out the way a lesson should progress…

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Happy Wednesday!


Dear Friends, When I had a real job, Wednesday was the happiest day of the week. I should tell you that when I say “real job,” I mean a 9-5 that had me praying for the weekend. Wednesday was hump…