Jambalaya, Jumbleaya Week… (Whatever)

My defenses become fences; Now, I’m stumbling, I change my faces, and if you think I’m fake-up, wait around ’til I take off my make-up. – Tricky (Christiansands)

  • A few minutes ago, a prodigal son sent me this message, “Hey V, what’re you up to this evening?”  My mind ran through a multitude of responses. Now that I’ve finished week two of my non-drinking plan, I debate and often decline night-time invitations, especially since they always involve bars, happy hour or overactive social situations. The reality of my Monday morning 6am rise made it very easy to resist a Sunday night invitation, but pretty soon, it’s going to be crucial to hop back into the social saddle again. And then what? (For the record, I will imbibe again, jut not in the mood now).
  • My student M told me that he’s 33 years old and needs to start a family with his wife, but he hasn’t been able to. (Honestly, my students tell me too much). When I asked him why he doesn’t have kids since he wants them so much, he told me that he doesn’t get any “nighttime opportunities.” When I probed him further about “nighttime opportunities,” it turned out to be his code words for sex. I guess he thought saying the word sex would sound too crass. He, I, and a few others now, have started using the term “nighttime opportunities.” It sounds lovely doesn’t it, and so much easier to hear, “Nighttime opportunities haven’t been forthcoming.”
  • It may be impossible to gain weight in Tokyo. I’m not sure why, since we eat an obscene amount. Actually, I do know why, the portion sizes are right. Our plates are always what Goldilocks was looking for– just the right amount. LD introduced me to Mucho, the Mexican restaurant in the Tokya Building (across from the Tokyo International Forum), and I went twice this week. Not sure if the food or service is better (especially the server George), because they’re both stellar (maybe the service is better, ’cause George is adorable).

* Squid tacos. The Japanese have a way of making Mexican healthy; the tacos are served with no sour cream, shredded cheese, or guacamole, yet they’re delicious.

  • Do you remember my friend B from an earlier post, appropriately titled “Food Fest?” Every restaurant that I love in Tokyo, he’s introduced me to; however, his one true love, ramen, had never become a favorite. Never hit the spot. Whenever we were walking home, debating where to eat, he’d suggest ramen, and I’d throw out other options: Brozer’s burgers, McDonald’s, Indian, Nepalese, etc. Ramen never really did it for me, until now. We went to a restaurant in Ningyocho that had ridiculously good spicy broth, thin ramen noodles, slivers of pork and huge strips of seaweed. I’m a convert.

  • Takashimaya is like what Macy’s must’ve been  one hundred years ago (or whenever it was founded). There are women in uniforms, white gloves and hats, pressing the elevator buttons for customers. There are also elevator ladies/girls in uniforms pressing the buttons for each floor and alerting the customers when one’s floor’s been reached. It’s beautiful and super-expensive, and the only thing I can afford in there is an occasional lunch in the basement level food bazaar. We need to treat ourselves, don’t we? (My bento box had shrimp, scallops, pasta with truffles, lasagna, two pieces of boiled potato, and chick peas with scrambled eggs. Check out the portion sizes though, it’s perfect.

* My Takashimaya dessert, berry berry shortcake.

  • Since I’ve shared so much with you about growing my hair out naturally, I think I should also share that I’m taking a break from the twists and braids and all those styles, and blowdrying it straight for a while. Well, not me, China at Hayato is doing it. Chemicals are a no for me, but the three hour shampooing/conditioning/blowydrying/flatironing process is a definite yes for now. As I told you in an earlier post, the frizziness, and general hard to comb-ness (in a country where it’s so hard and/or expensive to get black hair care products) was getting to me. It’s not as deep as some may think (and who cares what others think really?); for the moment, it’s easy.

  • I’ve been subscribing to messages from Brahma Kumaris for some time now, and they’re always so on point and timely that I know they’re divine. Check out the latest:

Your thoughts guide you to your destiny; if you alway think in the same way, you will alway get to the same place. Think in a new way and you will be a new person. Create peace in your mind, and you will create a world of peace around you.

(On that note, I’m happy with this life, today I’m happy with me, I want you to be happy too). Have a good week!