“It’s Been Such a Long Time”

Tell me how long has it been?–  New Birth (It’s Been Such a Long Time)

Dear Friends,

It’s 1:30 am; it’s been too long… so, let’s have small (internet) talk. I’d like for us to be really in touch, so I’ve deactivated my Facebook account (temporarily), hopefully it takes this time (the fourth time’s the charm). It’s amazing how much free time can be spent “liking” photos and comments just to stay in touch or pass the time. I wish I were like those of you who can stay away from it by just not logging in. I wish I could come to it once in a while without drastic deactivations and such. I’m an extremist, and as Sacha told me this morning “a drama queen.” (Why are emails and phone calls now passé?). Kamali, (a friend who deleted her account years ago and never looked back– or did she just block me?), will serve as my inspiration.

The same old’s been happening here in Tokyo, or as I like to call her “My Toki”: insomnia, too much eating and drinking and spending, vows to cut down on too much eating and drinking and spending and being laughed at by friends who say, “Again, Valerie?”, growing boredom by a lack of direction, contentment with my new place (it’s oh so private, as the housemates must be in hiding), Tokyo’s insane grip on winter and refusing to give in (though I hear the last of the cold days will end tomorrow– a whopping 70 degrees– don’t ask for celsius), teaching some great people (my student today told me that he started cooking after one of our classes about budgeting– Ha! As if I know the first thing about saving money), a growing relationship with my “natural” hair (we’re now in the stage where I can barely tolerate her), a growing relationship with my bike Lucy (I’m still in the stage where I’m insanely in love with her and the time she saves me in the morning), constant promises to myself to be productive (told my student Toshi today I’d buy sneakers and start running– he runs 20 miles twice a week), trying to find Japanese classes (maybe not actively enough as it’s so easy to get by without it– the whole nod and point works here), and revising my life. When I say, I’m revising my life, as per usual, I’m pretending things never happened– take for instance, a much earlier post about “a crush.” I’ve deleted the post, and am only a thought away from erasing it from my mind. Yay to revision!

*We’re almost there.

* My new room, albeit a bit small, serves as a great space for get togethers.

* Real ramen, it ain’t your Cup o’ Noodles.

*Trying to see some blooming cherry blossoms in Yoyogi Park– under the illusion it was spring, but all we were doing was freezing our fingers off.

 * The guy in the yellow tracksuit had a funny t-shirt on (he was a character), but Of course I can’t remember what it said, and I’m not on Facebook to check. The withdrawal’s already started.

Tomorrow’s an early start and a long day, so I’m off to sleep (hopefully), but we’ll talk– “I’ve been missing you.”