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March 2012

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Letter from Tokyo: No Borders


Hi Friends, Tonight, I went to my former home Borderless House, where I haven’t been in three weeks (too long). I’ve truly missed Borderless, especially since in my new house (Sakura House-Hakozakicho) I’ve only met two people (two boring people), and it’s deathly quiet. I…

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Not A Race Thing, A Human Thing…


Dear Friends, As you know, this blog isn’t a place for my political beliefs (as I care little about politics ), or any kind of news source, but I haven’t been able to keep one particular news story off my mind….

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My Last First


Dear Friends, Two hours ago, after our morning classes, LD, B and I went to the Maruzen next to our workplace for waffles and curry (LD‘s stomach has confirmed that his curry order was a misguided choice). As we enjoyed the sun, warming…

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Friday with Friday


Dear Friends, Today, my friend Friday ditched work to hang out with me on a sunny, albeit still too chilly for my taste, day. Usually, on my day off, I sleep until late, wake up, snooze for three more hours,…

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“What You Say?”


These last few weeks have been calm, but in a “quiet before a stormy breakdown” kind of way, not in a relaxed “oh, listen to the wind in the willows, while you sip a chilled lemonade” kind of way. The…

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Prodigal Sons (A Beginning)

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 The younger son gathered all he had and took a journey into a far country, and there he squandered his property in reckless living. (Luke 15:13 ESV) 1) CJ‘s a Brit who’s lived in Japan for sixteen years. He’s a thirty-five year…