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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, 1) Last night in Shibuya, an incredibly sweet and adorable young woman, Miss EW rang in her 24th birthday. Friends from all aspects of her life in Tokyo (work, orientation class, shared house) celebrated her birth. Her birthday…

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“Friendship is Earned”


Dear Friends, On Monday, I missed the biggest event of 2012, my best friend’s wedding. Scrolling through the past months of this blog, it’s obvious to see why I was unable to make it: a monumental move that sucked me…

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Life’s a Roundabout

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1) Yesterday, my student K, an elderly woman, presented a box to me, on which she’d written “Sensei” in Japanese characters; and inside the white carton were homemade sweets. Her gift touched me, especially since we hadn’t met many times before. My…

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Rain, Randomness, and Re-imagining the Past


Dear Friends, It’s raining in Tokyo, which forces one to reminisce: Many years ago, I met J at my friend Tan‘s house. I was visiting Jamaica from NY for two weeks, and a group of us decided to drive to Hellshire for some fried fish…

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On Love: How It Lingers, How It Lasts


Was there a garden or was the garden a dream? – Jorge Luis Borges (Adam Cast Forth) My mother skypes me in the morning (my morning, her night), and fills me in on the hummingbirds who’ve flown into her house…