… It Only Gets Better

Dear Friends, Earlier today, I commented to a friend from my Berlitz orientation class that although we’ve only been in Japan for four months, it feels like I’ve been in Tokyo forever. She agreed and said that she’s also settled quite comfortably into the lights, late nights and beer, and “it’s amazing how quickly time goes.” Tokyo is like a favorite sweater that was in the back… Read More … It Only Gets Better

Letter from Tokyo: “Wake Up and Live”

Dear Friends, This morning, I skyped with DB who told me that his greatest disappointment with his move to Washington, D.C is the lack of close friends nearby. We reminisced about when we lived in Jersey City how we’d pop over to each other’s apartments to cook (well, he’d whip up scrumptious Southern dishes and I’d watch), have ridiculous conversations, write papers together… Read More Letter from Tokyo: “Wake Up and Live”