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June 2011

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D.C in a Day


I wonder if others are as list compulsive as I am; I often create lists for no apparent reason: top five songs of all time, top three books ever written, top three books successfully adapted to movies, top three artists of…

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Packing for Paris


Photo from Daily Photo in Paris Packing for Paris • Via THE BASICS Magazine Packing for Paris Some people pride themselves on their kindness to strangers, their strong work ethic, their informed political stances, their toned physiques; I pride myself…

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Prepping For Paris

France, Travel

Dear Friends, In less than eight hours I’ll begin my final day of work in New Jersey. Three and a half years of working and studying at an end (still can’t believe it). My boss threw a lovely farewell yesterday…

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You look up, it’s 3:57 am. You know that you shouldn’t get up. If you do, there’s no hope for you. You think, maybe if my left hand were straight along my side and not under my head…maybe if I…

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Scattered Thoughts


This morning, my boss brought in a profusion of red, pink and white roses from her garden. The roses sit on the sill, on my desk, intermingled with other plants; some are still in the process of birthing other roses on…